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          Beijing Tonglin Technology Co., Ltd. (short for Tonglin Technology) is a stock-system limited company of Sino-Russia joint venture that deals with high-tech environmental protection. Based on Zhongguancun High-tech Park in Beijing, it targets at industrialization of new and high technology and its innovation. The company is now a multifunction environmental protection firm combined businesses of air purified, water treatment, environmental protection materials and so on.
      Tonglin Technology focuses on development and application of environmental protection technology in the fields of ozone, Nanometer and so forth with the corporation of nation’s key scientific researches such as China Institute of Atomic Energy, and already developed series environmental protection products with Tonglin brand. There are more than 30 specifications and types ozone generators etc..
      On 2008, Tonglin Technology provided ozone generators for Olympic Games 0f 29th.
      Manufacturing center, which locates inside of China Institute of Atomic Energy, is a testing and producing base for the company. The center employs over 30 workers including 7 senior engineers. Its workshop has an area of 2,000 square meters, inclusive of 1400 square meters for production use.
          Equipment Engineering Department carries on various projects such as de-dust purification, ventilation, disinfection for swimming pool and dual water supply.
      Tonglin brand series products have so far passed inspections from inspecting center of Agriculture University designed by product safety bureau under Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture as well as related authentic institutes. The company was also awarded as new and high technology enterprise in Beijing.
          It established good relationship with many research institutes, universities and groups in the USA, Russia, Canada and Hongkong and achieved excellent results in the application of environmental protection.
          The research and develop strategy attracts many persons with outstanding ability from China, Russia and Southeast region and countries. They are the centre of strong science research.
          Target of Tonglin:Shape Corporation strength with high technology, create global well known Chinese brand
          Managing Idea of Tonglin:Survive with quality, make further develop with innovation, gain reputation with services.
          Developing Strategy of Tonglin:First rate management + Super excellent person + Predomination technology + Perfect service